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Message from Kami Callahan, Principal

     Valley Center Primary School is a PreK-Second grade school in which early childhood development and strong academic achievement is a focus.  In addition to our PreK-2nd grade classes, our school offers Quality Preschool Initiative classes and houses the Developmental Preschool Program.

     Valley Center Primary School (a California Distinguished School) is a high perfoming school with a dedicated staff who want to ensure your children develop a love of learning. It is imperative that our students arrive on time every single school day ready to learn.  
     The staff is committed to both academic and social success.  We truly believe in building a strong partnership with parents.  We encourage our families to join our active TPC and attend our many functions.  
     Please look for important notices on Tuesdays. Please assist your child in building responsible behavior in the classroom and with homework/classwork completion. Together we can achieve the extraordinary!  
     Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you! 

      I am available via my email address, which is I would love to meet and/or talk with you, so feel free to stop by the office.

New Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

The Primary School has new transportation procedures in place.

Bus Pick-up/Drop-off - All bus pick up and drop off will be along Fruitvale Rd. Only students arriving on the buses will be admitted through the gates on Fruitvale Road. Buses arriving before 8:00a.m. will unload as usual at the curb in the school parking lot.

Parent Drop Off - All parent/family vehicles must drop-off and pick-up students in the school parking lot.   The curb along the right side of the loop will be for student loading and unloading only.  A school employee will be present to greet the students in the morning and direct them where they need to go.  The intent is that the parent/family vehicle will simply stop and allow their student to exit the vehicle.  Drop-off time in the morning is after 7:30 am.

Parent Pick Up - In the afternoon, parent/family vehicles should pull into the parking lot and line up in a single line along the right side of the loop.  Vehicles will move forward to the student loading zone near the large gate area at the back side of the loop.  Students will only be released to cars in this lane.    An employee will be present to ask your student’s name, and radio ahead for your student to be ready for pick up in the loading zone.  The intent is that the parent/family vehicle will simply stop in the loading zone and allow their student to enter the vehicle, then proceed out of the parking lot.  Parents may also park in the spaces, get out of their car, and enter the school to pick up their child if they choose. The parents are asked to carefully use the crosswalk to walk back to the parking lot to get back into their car.

The lane on the left side of the loop is for vehicles to either turn in to park in the spaces, or to pass thru the parking lot to exit on the east side.   Buses will also be using this lane to pass through the parking lot.  There is no stopping in this lane. 

Please be advised that “No U-turn” signs and “No Stopping Any Time” signs are also being installed along Fruitvale Road by the County of San Diego. 

These changes have been implemented to help ensure the safety of the students, staff, and parents of Valley Center Primary School.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we implement these new procedures.  


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Valley Center Primary School

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Bee Buzzathon

The students enjoyed the Bee Buzzathon. This is a fundraiser for the Teacher Parent Club. The TPC supports the school program in many ways. Your donations help the TPC continue this positive help.  All donations and completed pledge sheets can be turned in to the front office or to the classroom teachers. 

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